Boost Endurance On Your Running Training

The key component to winning a race or just your running buddy on a friendly competition is your endurance. It’s essential whether you’ve been running for a few years or you are a beginner. 

To increase your endurance, you need to know what you want to achieve from your running training as well as how you will do it.

Strength Training For Better Endurance

You will be a more efficient runner by doing strength-training. It teaches you how to deal with stress or fatigue at the brink of stopping running. It is the key to maintaining your running form which would imply better running efficiency.

However, always remember that a runner will never ever get endurance for running if he did not press through or undergo “strength training”.

While there are some runners who are a little bit skeptical about doing strength-training, by not doing it will slow them down. Strength-training is an efficient method of increasing your endurance in running.

Warming Up Prior To Running

Running right away with no warm-up workouts is usual, but not a good habit for runners. Warm-ups prior to running can avoid injuries, and more, it accustoms your cardio.

Correct warming up is nothing special, just 5-10 minutes of strolling, or doing some light calisthenics to prepare both your heart and muscles prior to running.

Boosting A Beginner’s Endurance

Running ought to always match how your body feels. Often we tend to run too quick without considering our body signals which can lead to injuries.

If you are running with a friend, pace your slow runs by chit-chatting with your friend. If there is no buddy to talk, you may hum to yourself while observing your own rate.

Construct Your Endurance

Know when you require slowing down and walk for some time. Walk/run method is a great way to increase your endurance.

Adding mileage to your running too quickly while still feeling fatigued is not the right way to go.

Uphill Training

Running uphill is an outstanding way of enhancing your overall speed and strength. Hill makes you lift your knees higher, so it strengthens muscles in your calves, hamstrings, and quads.

Uphill running gives you an advantage and builds your muscles more than training just on flat roads. Going uphill is a great way to improve your general strength and speed. 

Mind-Body Attitude

If you want to get better at running, you need to have consistency and patience. Remember, you want to improve your endurance without injuries or mishaps.

Patience and determination combined with safety is a process not just in running, but in whatever in life.

There are several mindsets a runner might apply when wishing to achieve their objectives. It’s not an easy task if you are a beginner, and so we can credit your mindset and motivation if you can increase your endurance.

Yasso Running System

Yasso is a useful exercise in boosting the runners’ endurance. It works in aiding you to achieve your marathon target time.

It’s simple – if your target marathon time is 4 hours 50 minutes, your Yasso 800 meters goal is 4 minutes and 50 seconds.

Run two laps on the 400 meters track at your goal time. Have an easy recovery lap between. 

Run Yasso 800s occasionally to test you out. You might just start with the first 4, slowly increasing until five or six, and continue up to ten repetitions. 


Endurance is the essential component to running. It is the real trick to keeping your running form which would mean higher running effectiveness.